NUES Educational Technology Endorsement Program

This Educational Technology Endorsement program is approved by Rick Gaisford, the Education Specialist for Education Technology at the Utah State Office of Education, and fulfills USOE’s Educational Technology Endorsement requirements. 

The endorsement program utilizes Microsoft’s Teaching with Technology Program that is available free for educators. 

Endorsement Requirements:

  • ,1: Microsoft’s Teaching with Technology Program:  Teachers will complete approximately 18 hours of course work in the Microsoft Teaching with Technology Program.  A self-assessment is part of the program that may allow you to “test-out” of some of the courses below based on your previous knowledge and or experience.
    • Required Courses (Regardless of your pre-test results):
      • Why does UNESCO ICT-CFT Promote Technology Literacy? (4hrs)
      • How do Technology and Pedagogy Mix? (7hrs)
    • Additional Courses
      • Selecting ICT Resources to support curriculum outcomes (5hrs)
      • Use basic ICT tools to support teaching and learning (11hrs)
      • Organize and manage the use of ICT in your classroom (7hrs)
      • Technology literacy and your professional development (3hrs)
    • Up to 36 hours of instruction is possible if you choose to go through all of the courses.
  • 2: Technology Projects:  Teachers will complete a minimum of TWO technology projects of the following eight listed below.  (Click here for Project Rubrics) Power Point and Prezi presentation projects are discouraged.
    • Digital Video
    • 2D Graphic
    • Infographics
    • Audio/Podcasting
    • Digital Storytelling
    • Animation
    • Creating Interactive Adobe Acrobat files (2) (Creating editable forms, form fields, and digital portfolio)
    • Podcast


The course content is provided online and can be taken at convenience of the teacher.  Access to the course content is available 24/7.

Support for Teachers:

In an effort to support teachers who desire to receive the Educational Technology Endorsement, you may wish to complete some of this work in a classroom environment.  To accommodate this, scheduling of the Jason Snow, Technology Trainer, is available to help teachers with individual projects, or to work with small groups of teachers who would like to pursue this endorsement.


  • Complete the course work for the Microsoft’s Teaching with Technology Program, and print out the course completion certificate.
  • Complete and submit two technology projects with their corresponding rubrics signed by both you and a peer reviewer.
  • Submit the items above to Jason Snow, Technology Trainer, for review.  After they have been reviewed, you will receive a letter of completion from NUES.
  • Once you receive the letter of completion, complete the USOE Educational Technology Endorsement Application.
  • Send the letter of completion, the USOE application, and a check for $25 to Rick Gaisford at the address listed on the USOE application.
  • After all the necessary materials are received by USOE, a demonstrated competency endorsement will be placed on your license.

For assistance with this endorsement please contact:
Jason Snow
NUES Technology Trainer
35 S Main Heber City, UT 84032
O: 435-654-1921 
ext. 4

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