NUES Educational Technology Endorsement Program

Your Path to  Personalized Tech Proficiency in the classroom

NUES Ed. Tech Endorsement

The NUES Ed. Tech Endorsement is only one of six pathways for you to get an approved state endorsement. It is designed to be personalized, and your progress is based on your competency.  You will be focused on technology in your classroom and with your students are your grade level or subject taught.There is  no cost to this endorsement, and your time spent will be based on your interest and current competencies. Below, are listed all the possibilities that you can get your endorsement, choose the one that is right for you.

Endorsement Paths

  1. NUES Educational Technology Endorsement Self Paced Single Canvas Course
    • Personalized and Competency based on your current assignment.
    • Designed to meet the four Utah Effective Teaching Standards.
    • Approved by the Utah State Board of Education.
    • Register here for the NUES Course.
    • Up to 9 USBE Credits available or State Licensure hours
  2. Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with Technology
    • Pursue a master’s degree that integrates technology into curriculum and instruction.
    • Credits earned can be applied toward the endorsement.
    • Options available at Southern Utah University (SUU) and Utah Valley University (UVU) and the University of Utah.
  3. Completed College Courses Based on Standards (e.g., SUU, UVU, UofU)
    • Take courses aligned with Utah State Board of Education (USBE) Ed Tech Competencies.
    • Use completed coursework to demonstrate competency.
  4. UEN Courses and Ed Tech Endorsement Courses
    • Participate in UEN’s competency-based endorsement program.
    • Four courses cover instructional design, digital citizenship, 21st-century learning, and leadership.
    • USBE or SUU credit available.
  5. USBE Ed. Tech Micro-credentials 
    • Earn micro-credentials in specific tech areas.
    • Accumulate evidence of proficiency.
  6. District-Approved Endorsement Pathway (if district is participating)
    • Check if your district offers a customized endorsement pathway.
    • Align your existing work with endorsement requirements.

Existing Work Counts!

  • Share completed coursework with your instructor to receive credit.
  • Use evidence from your classroom tech practices, even if implemented before starting the endorsement.

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