Network Engineering

Computer Network Engineering

Mark Houtz is the NUES Network Engineer. Mark can assist districts and charter schools in designing and implementing school networks and systems including:

  • Firewalls – Configuration and Testing
  • Security – Segmentation, Access Controls, Endpoint, Audits, Compliance
  • Wireless – Wifi, CBRS, Point-to-Point, Licensed Links
  • Cabling – Fiber Splicing and Ethernet Crimping
  • Diagnostic Tools – Cabling, Wireless, Networking, Endpoints
  • Web Filters – Setup and Monitoring
  • Traffic Segmentation – VLANs, IP Routing, NAT, Traffic Filtering, etc.
  • Server installations – email, web, Microsoft, Linux, & MacOS

Mark Houtz
Network Engineer
(435) 654-1921 x3

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