Vision and Mission


All students achieving their potential.


NUES provides cooperative services and assists school districts in delivering efficient, equitable and quality educational programs that empower educators to increase student achievement and learning.

NUES Guiding Principles

To realize our mission and vision, NUES adheres to 11 guiding principles:

  1. Practices a Service Mentality
    • NUES exists to serve the districts who in turn serve their students. Improving access to programs and increasing educational opportunities for students is the primary focus of NUES. NUES staff members exhibit a friendly, cooperative attitude and openness in serving the districts and addressing their needs.
  2. Nurtures Relationships
    • NUES staff members create and maintain positive and collaborative working relationships with region superintendents, district personnel, the Utah State Office of Education and all other stakeholders.
  3. Understands Rural Context
    • NUES understands the circumstances of limited resources, distances and the issues associated with meeting the demands of NCLB and state requirements of accountability in a rural school district.
  4. Responds to Needs
    • NUES listens to district personnel explain their needs and then deliver services that address those needs.
  5. Employs Qualified Personnel
    • NUES staff members are highly qualified in their occupational areas and able to leverage available resources to effectively address district needs.
  6. Provides Cost-Saving Opportunities
    • NUES has the ability to leverage costs-savings for goods and services through aggregation of needs and cooperative purchasing to provide additional educational opportunities for students, teachers and districts.
  7. Adapts Best Practices
    • NUES staff members keep current on best practices and research and customize the information to optimize student learning.
  8. Manages Data Effectively
    • NUES analyzes district data and puts it in understandable language for teachers, noting both strengths and weaknesses, and shows teachers how to use it to focus and improve instruction. NUES also continually assesses its own programs and services and seeks to “do it better.”
  9. Uses Technology Efficiently
    • NUES embraces the advantages of using technology, particularly in providing services that empower teachers, increase productivity and student learning.
  10. Demonstrates Effective Leadership
    • NUES leadership communicates a clear vision, uses decision making processes effectively, represents rural interests and encourages innovation that addresses the needs of rural districts.
  11. Provides Targeted Training
    • NUES provides specific professional development based on what teachers and administrators request and need. Follow-up assistance and mentoring is continually available.
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